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You Say I’m Too Old

Yes, I’m over 40. You say I’m too old to have a baby.  What do you think you see… this? Because this is what I see: Advertisements

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100 Reasons I Got Divorced

This month would have been my 25th wedding anniversary. In two weeks I will mark my second “divorce anniversary.” A friend asked me why I got divorced. “You had permission to have other relationships. He made so much more money … Continue reading

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Life Coach – WTF?

I’m pretty familiar with counseling to “get over” stuff and/or to attempt to save a relationship. Let’s just say there have been mixed results.  One awesome and eclectic counselor was a godsend to held me get past a few abuse … Continue reading

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Your Perception of my Gender

I am a cis female. Fortunately, I take no offense when someone calls me a guy. Born a female. Older brother and an uncle between us in age, we grew up together. I had the best of both worlds. Pretty … Continue reading

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What Do You See in These Clouds?

Apophenia/æpɵˈfiːniə/ is the experience of seeing patterns or connections in random or meaningless data What do you see in the cloud formation? In response to Blogging 101 : “Try a new Posting Style“

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Pausing – A Moment in Time

Amidst the bustle to get things done the other day, I was stopped in my tracks. Without even consciously thinking, I was temporarily paralyzed. Transfixed by the sheer beauty of the sunset showing in the clouds and the perfect shade … Continue reading

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Forgiven, Not Forgotten, Still Hurts.

Taking a break from baby angst this evening while my entire body aches and I am whining that “I don’t wanna go to work tomorrow” to indulge in some whining and self-pity and blog reading drift. I generally don’t get … Continue reading

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