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An AHA Moment

Sometimes a revelation from a love provides clarity, and things make so much more sense. And sometimes that clarity can cause heartache. Even so, as a believer in truth, even when it hurts, I am thankful. Because knowing where you … Continue reading

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Unmarried? Legal House in Order? – Reblog: Stand Up For Love

This is a reminder for ANY unmarried partners (especially if you share a residence) to have their “legal houses” in order before disaster occurs. Legal protections, such as receiving status updates from doctors and not being evicted from your home … Continue reading

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Poly without Partner by My Side on Easter

Holidays can be tough enough if you have wonderful family dynamics.  Harder yet when your love is with his wife and not with you. I wasn’t jealous that Writer was home with his family for the weekend, especially considering it … Continue reading

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Cute Child Actors as Ugly Adults

I’m sorry, but pophitz got it wrong in their post about “15 cute child actors” turning ugly as grown ups. Yes, I looked at the pictures. True, a few do not meet some arbitrary standards of ultimate beauty, whatever that … Continue reading

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