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Letting Go, Finally

Three nights ago, I gave in to my physical desires, I only desire sex with someone I love and the thought of a Craigslist hook-up just repels me, so I messaged Writer to ask if he would hook up with … Continue reading

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Shopping List for a Partner

I absolutely loved fellow blogger Steve’s post where he mused about ordering a love they way way one would order a fast food burger. I would love to her everyone’s “special order.” Go wild in the comments!

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Happy Thanksgiving Update

At least I hope your day is filled with loved ones, good food, and happy memories. I am sitting in the peaceful woods, being thankful for mild temperatures, listening to a gentle rain, and contemplating life while waiting for some … Continue reading

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RANT: Just Answer The Question

Am I the only one who appreciates a direct answer to a question (any question), and tries to offer the same in return? Information is OK, but I’m not going to interpret it because I’ll possibly get it wrong. So, … Continue reading

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A Thought Occurred to Me

Writer is deep in NaNoWriMo. He is blogging about it, and has made a few active connections. I believe that is good for him. Before this time deactivating his OKC account, he had told me he was using to try … Continue reading

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Papers and Protection

I taught STD awareness to recruits just getting out of boot camp back in the late 80’s. Back when AIDS was a death sentence. I have kept up with the medical literature on what are now called STIs, and one … Continue reading

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Another Stab to the Heart

And it feels like I walked right into that knife when I could just be walking away. A death of a thousand paper cuts? Another tonight, in his blog Writer comments that the past ten days or so of vacation, … Continue reading

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