GPS Track Your Cheater or Liar

Tired of not trusting your partner who has cheated and/or lied to you?

I saw a Pet GPS tracker advertised today. My first thought was, if I had an inkling of getting back together with “him”, I would be sorely tempted to surreptitiously tuck one of these into the spare tire compartment of his car.

I’ve found wearable versions of GPS enabled trackers for relatives with dementia, but those were expensive with monitoring, much more expensive than the pet tracker’s $7 to $10 per month service fees.

For a cheaper/free way of locating a cheater with an Android cell phone  that is signed in on google, hop on a computer and visit
You can select your phone from a list of signed in devices. It will try to locate your phone and gives notice “Location data from your devices will be collected and sent to Google. Device location is approximate, and may not always be accurate. Please note, Important: Android Device Manager won’t work for devices that are turned off or that don’t have a Wi-Fi connection or mobile data connection with an active SIM card. You also need the password for the google account that is signed in on the phone. While this may work, there are too many variables for me to trust it.

Have you tracked your cheater? What tools or services did you use?


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One Response to GPS Track Your Cheater or Liar

  1. savingshards says:

    After receiving the initial anonymous email hinting at the existence of another woman, and the complete denials by HUSBAND, I did some digging. He gave me access to his email, and it was wiped very very clean to the naked, unknowing eye. A few days of digging, I found a curious “iphone find-a-phone turned off” notification email, and asked about it. HUSBAND claimed innocence…no idea…
    HOWEVER, once the truth all came trickling out, he agreed to a gps tracking to help me work toward rebuilding trust. He also, at that point, went beyond by doing things like texting me pictures of himself at XXXX store (where he said he was headed) and coming home, immediately showing me the time/date-stamped receipt. At this point, we share a FB account, he has removed apps from his phone (games he played with her, glide, facetime, facebook messenger, etc), he provides me all passwords, hands me his phone whenever I want, etc. He called them “extraordinary precautions” and we worked together to come up with the boundaries that could help me feel safe, and begin to rebuild trust.

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