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Greatest Need in a Relationship

I’ve posted before about my wish list in a partner. Today ruminating about overall, what is my greatest need in a relationship. I believe I have distilled it down to this: Dear Love, I have done my best to survive … Continue reading

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What Trait Do You Value Most in a Friendship?

Friendship, honesty, truth, loyalty, b-s Continue reading

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Assisted Suicide Thoughts

A comment on a 2014 Washington Post article discussing assisted suicide in Switzerland eloquently sums up my beliefs behind  being my being in favor of legalizing the practice in the US: “I have no desire to end up as, let’s … Continue reading

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A Better Day

In sharp contrast to past few weeks, today didn’t suck. Started off watching some Bleach anime. Sweet. Then an hour Skype video call from Krys. Last night I had sent an email including how from my perspective he avoided committed … Continue reading

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Bonfire Alone

Last night my bonfire was alone, and very short. I was OK. Had a nice phone convo with a close friend I stopped actively spending time with after leaving Ex Al. She didn’t take sides, stayed friends with both of … Continue reading

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Living is Hard

I have lived through so much that no one deserves to endure. Life is so hard. I want to have an equal to share life with. Is that so much to desire? At the moment, it feels as if All … Continue reading

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Another day

It was à mostly productive day. Melancholy. Worked on à mailing for a group I belong to. Moved another load to new house. Mourned the loss of PolyBuddy. I’m debating if I will go to the funeral. I only messaged … Continue reading

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