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One the techniques I was offered to attempt to short circuit my PTSD obsessed brain was to try to replace thoughts of Writer with focus on other happier memories. My post yesterday, a poem about my childhood cat,  I Miss … Continue reading

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Addicting Attention and Affection

“… the attention and affection, even false, was addicting.” J.Rose, reclusivedreams said that well. I want attention and affection that comes from a place of truth. I deserve to be more than a warm wet place for a man to … Continue reading

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Have Unresolved Issues?

There is a difference between healing from trauma and simply having it affect us less. A BIG difference I was reminded of this in session Monday. My therapist was talking about how if we have not healed from the past, … Continue reading

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How Goes The Healing? PTSD Sucks!

Nobody asks. Very few people even know, fewer yet know the actual truth. This isn’t something you can talk about. If my partner was away from me because of a physical disease, I’d have people coming out of the woodwork … Continue reading

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How to Apologize: It’s Not as Simple as Saying I’m Sorry

a·pol·o·gy a regretful acknowledgment of an offense or failure. A simple apology of “I’m sorry” all to often is simply not enough to prompt the recipient of the sentiment to let go of their pain. So simple may appear to … Continue reading

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Third Call for a Reason Not to Let Go

I’ve let go of Writer as much as I can, but he is still in my heart. I’m a fool, you see. I don’t want to let go. Tonight I was ready to let go, and burn the bridge of … Continue reading

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Too Little, Too Late (Or is it?)

The following being said, I add the disclaimer that it is NEVER too late to make amends, offer real apologies, and take actions to mitigate the pain and suffering one has caused another. I’m angry, nay, I’m pissed! How can … Continue reading

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