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You Say I’m Too Old

Yes, I’m over 40. You say I’m too old to have a baby.  What do you think you see… this? Because this is what I see: Advertisements

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Past Peak Fertility into PeriMenopause

I’m 46 suffering baby fever. Let’s just say I’m past peak fertility, shall we… Peri-menopause started rearing its ugly head about six years ago with hot flashes. I’ve been wondering for some time now when I will hit that magic … Continue reading

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Jealousy or Envy?

Many people consider the two terms to be synonyms. In the poly world you hear discussions about the two ad nauseam. And for good reason, unfulfilled longing can kill happiness and relationships. But today I discovered a term for an … Continue reading

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A loss I have no logical right to feel

11 days ago Krys, a confirmed bachelor friend/former lover, sent me an email announcing the birth of his son. To a woman living on another continent who had been planning to attend Harvard when “oops.” He was overseas for the … Continue reading

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