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The Losses Keep Piling Up

I hope to freaking god that Krys is my final loss for the near future. I may be stronger for the losses, but the lonely factor sure does pile up Tally for recent past (less than 5 years) Divorce. Death … Continue reading

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Blank The canvas of my romantic future Now whitewashed with despair Shall the previous paint bleed through Marring the portrait yet to be created? Inspired by Today’s “One Word Prompt” – http://wp.me/p23sd-12cv Image Source

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Greatest Need in a Relationship

I’ve posted before about my wish list in a partner. Today ruminating about overall, what is my greatest need in a relationship. I believe I have distilled it down to this: Dear Love, I have done my best to survive … Continue reading

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A Better Day

In sharp contrast to past few weeks, today didn’t suck. Started off watching some Bleach anime. Sweet. Then an hour Skype video call from Krys. Last night I had sent an email including how from my perspective he avoided committed … Continue reading

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Living is Hard

I have lived through so much that no one deserves to endure. Life is so hard. I want to have an equal to share life with. Is that so much to desire? At the moment, it feels as if All … Continue reading

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Cancer Sucks – A GoodBye

PolyBuddy got a whole new box of crayons today, and a whole new universe as his canvas. Cancer Sucks. I’m happy that I was a happy friend for him. One he could share frustrations with. I had shared a post … Continue reading

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Ramblings Not to Send

Dear Person I Want to be Close To, Do you ever share your feelings, insecurities, hopes and dreams with anyone? Do you have anyone that you confide in? Have you ever put your own self-protection aside for a shared dream? … Continue reading

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