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Shopping List for a Partner

I absolutely loved fellow blogger Steve’s post where he mused about ordering a love they way way one would order a fast food burger. I would love to her everyone’s “special order.” Go wild in the comments! Advertisements

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Creative Pet Names for Others Partners

Inspired by this post where a woman asks for creative names for a woman who kept stalking her husband after he ended an affair,  I ask you to share the best pet names you have given to others who are not your … Continue reading

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Poly Satire

A few weeks back I posted this article (with video) with a very humorous satire of an emotional side of open relationships and polyamory to my Facebook feed. One of my conservative friends took it seriously. Reminder folks – the … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day

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What’s the Shamanic Meaning?

Whenever I see a raptor, I feel good inside. Several friends call it a portent of good luck. I sometimes wonder if this is another form of apophenia, seeing patterns where none exist. Or Pavlov’s dog salivating at a bell….  … Continue reading

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