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Can I Avoid Synchronicity?

Rarely in a breakup is one person 100% at fault. With Writer, aside from the blatant issues that most definitely are his alone, there were other issues. Why did he tell me he could see only being with me physically … Continue reading

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Without Context

“I’ve come to realize it just doesn’t mean anything without some sort of context. And that’s what she was, my context” Quote from the movie A Perfect Man I’ve lost my context. Except even if I had him back, I … Continue reading

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The Many Lies I Tell

“I worked at no longer lying and was shocked by all the ways I lied. ”    Excerpted from Rule #1 – http://wp.me/p4w6Vc-jQ When I left my ex, I and was no longer tied to his requirement of lies and deceit around … Continue reading

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What Makes It So Hard To Turn Away

Everyone who has been hurt, betrayed, lied to, cheated on, etc.., and remains in love with their partner faces the choice to stay, leave, or remain frozen in limbo. Not making a choice, is still making a choice by default. … Continue reading

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If I Had a Poly Do-Over

When it comes to my experiences in polyamory, the one big do-over I would ask for would to have been negotiating the secrecy/DADT the Ex Al insisted upon. Yes when it came to the military, it was a good idea … Continue reading

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