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I know I’ve wanted to have a mono relationship for my long term future. If I partner with Krys, it would likely end up poly. He is excellent at compartmentalizing his life. There is another relationship poly has been seeping … Continue reading

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Going From Poly to Mono

This is a strange journey. And one I am actually looking forward to seeing where it takes me. I had NEVER been mono wired, even when I tried to be when I was younger. When I was 18, I was … Continue reading

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Sometimes The Right Choice Hurts

I’m crying again, because being true to myself hurts too. I’ve posted several times in the past about a long-distance poly partner, Krys. I do still love him, and will cherish the times we had. He helped me see my … Continue reading

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Papers and Protection

I taught STD awareness to recruits just getting out of boot camp back in the late 80’s. Back when AIDS was a death sentence. I have kept up with the medical literature on what are now called STIs, and one … Continue reading

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Another Stab to the Heart

And it feels like I walked right into that knife when I could just be walking away. A death of a thousand paper cuts? Another tonight, in his blog Writer comments that the past ten days or so of vacation, … Continue reading

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How Goes The Healing? PTSD Sucks!

Nobody asks. Very few people even know, fewer yet know the actual truth. This isn’t something you can talk about. If my partner was away from me because of a physical disease, I’d have people coming out of the woodwork … Continue reading

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Halloween Funk

Happy Halloween all. I hope your celebration is happier than mine. I’m deeper in my funk. Earlier this month I had a “business meeting” with writer where I asked him to set a deadline for finishing moving his belongings out. … Continue reading

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