Greetings Fellow Ryoka Travelers.

Apophenias here. My nom de plume to protect the innocent.  I’m a Gen-X cisgendered female Wisconsinite in a somewhat non-traditional relationship who has a quirky world view and is currently suffering from a ringing biological clock, depression, and trying not to let dependence run ramshackle

Feel free to pop over to my initial introduction in my first post here So, What is Apophenia Anyway?

While I also journal privately, I have come to value that thoughts and ideas others share via their blogs are immensely helpful to my own sanity, offer a well-deserved chuckle, or simply a mind-numbing break from the rush of everyday life.  Perhaps someone else can find a connection in my musings, and the world will be a smaller, happier place.

You might find this blog interesting if you identify with any of the following:

wordophile     geek     baby envy      bored     parent     poly (polyamorous)      monogamish      sciency      empty nest      human      health-seeker     quirky
in love with a sex addict

If a post strikes a chord or makes you smile, please leave a comment or give a pingback if you mention it in your own blog.


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