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My EMDR Journey 1

I started the preliminaries for EMDR.  Haven’t gotten into the meat of it yet, however I’m very optimistic about it. Even with one session we have identified how interconnected are the events and situations that create triggers for me. This … Continue reading

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Bonfire Alone

Last night my bonfire was alone, and very short. I was OK. Had a nice phone convo with a close friend I stopped actively spending time with after leaving Ex Al. She didn’t take sides, stayed friends with both of … Continue reading

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Living is Hard

I have lived through so much that no one deserves to endure. Life is so hard. I want to have an equal to share life with. Is that so much to desire? At the moment, it feels as if All … Continue reading

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How Goes the Healing – An Update

3 months after Discovery Day I posted how I was doing. It is just over 6 months now, and I wanted to give an update to share with those newly discovering their own situations that it can get easier. Learning … Continue reading

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GPS Track Your Cheater or Liar

Tired of not trusting your partner who has cheated and/or lied to you? I saw a Pet GPS tracker advertised today. My first thought was, if I had an inkling of getting back together with “him”, I would be sorely … Continue reading

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He Never Loved Me Enough…

I try not to look. Sometimes I do, and that’s always a mistake.  He’s convinced himself that I “never loved him.” It becomes a fascinating look into perspective.  As my perspective is that he never loved me enough to stop … Continue reading

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How to Apologize: It’s Not as Simple as Saying I’m Sorry

a·pol·o·gy a regretful acknowledgment of an offense or failure. A simple apology of “I’m sorry” all to often is simply not enough to prompt the recipient of the sentiment to let go of their pain. So simple may appear to … Continue reading

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