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GPS Track Your Cheater or Liar

Tired of not trusting your partner who has cheated and/or lied to you? I saw a Pet GPS tracker advertised today. My first thought was, if I had an inkling of getting back together with “him”, I would be sorely … Continue reading

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Can I Avoid Synchronicity?

Rarely in a breakup is one person 100% at fault. With Writer, aside from the blatant issues that most definitely are his alone, there were other issues. Why did he tell me he could see only being with me physically … Continue reading

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Breaking Up Pain Described Perfectly

Infographics & comics rarely come close when describing emotional realms, IMO. Yet Cherlyn Chong got it pretty close, perhaps perfectly on the pain side.. I’m still in pain, so I can’t relate to the healing side of her work just … Continue reading

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How It Hurts, An Anaology

I am still hurting. I have taken the step of Blocking Writer on Facebook to help stop me from being able to actively look at his feed. It wasn’t enough to simply unfollow. And yet that wasn’t enough. My PTSD … Continue reading

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One the techniques I was offered to attempt to short circuit my PTSD obsessed brain was to try to replace thoughts of Writer with focus on other happier memories. My post yesterday, a poem about my childhood cat,  I Miss … Continue reading

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I Miss Coming Home to You

I miss coming home to you, your eyes lighting up as you would dash across the room to greet me. Stroking your neck and back while we sat on the couch. You listened quietly as I told you about my … Continue reading

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Without Context

“I’ve come to realize it just doesn’t mean anything without some sort of context. And that’s what she was, my context” Quote from the movie A Perfect Man I’ve lost my context. Except even if I had him back, I … Continue reading

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