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Medical Challenges

If you recall, I had thought I could be pregnant a couple months back, and wasn’t. Nausea, abdominal pain, fatigue, no period had continued. So follow up visit this week included CT scan and revealed Pelvic Congestion Syndrome (varicose veins … Continue reading

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Greatest Need in a Relationship

I’ve posted before about my wish list in a partner. Today ruminating about overall, what is my greatest need in a relationship. I believe I have distilled it down to this: Dear Love, I have done my best to survive … Continue reading

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Assisted Suicide Thoughts

A comment on a 2014 Washington Post article discussing assisted suicide in Switzerland eloquently sums up my beliefs behind  being my being in favor of legalizing the practice in the US: “I have no desire to end up as, let’s … Continue reading

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For many decades, my awareness of the position of privilege I was born into has been growing. The awareness has accelerated over time. When I was young, I was blissfully unaware of the struggles my mother faced while raising my … Continue reading

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[Rant] Image Credit & Textspeak

I’m feeling like a bit of a snob this morning, and it bothers me. Once again I noticed a post where the author was kind enough to offer an image credit. Except the credit was to Google images  that means … Continue reading

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That Little Green Dot Torments Me

Dating again, seeking a new to me dating and hopefully more partner after almost 23 years of not having the dating someone unknown to me experience is daunting to say the least. The electronic age of dating has some very … Continue reading

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I just want it to be over

Tomorrow is one step closer to letting go of Writer., as he picks up the last item of his possessions in my keep. There will only remain the issue of the money I gave him, which if returned I am … Continue reading

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