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My EMDR Journey 1

I started the preliminaries for EMDR.  Haven’t gotten into the meat of it yet, however I’m very optimistic about it. Even with one session we have identified how interconnected are the events and situations that create triggers for me. This … Continue reading

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How It Hurts, An Anaology

I am still hurting. I have taken the step of Blocking Writer on Facebook to help stop me from being able to actively look at his feed. It wasn’t enough to simply unfollow. And yet that wasn’t enough. My PTSD … Continue reading

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Another Misogynistic Asshat in Government

While he has backpedaled, Utah’s Representative Brian M. Greene (R) takes the award for Misogynistic Asshat of the Week for his comments questioning if a someone having sex with their unconscious wife should be defined as rape. To be fair … Continue reading

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