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A Better Day

In sharp contrast to past few weeks, today didn’t suck. Started off watching some Bleach anime. Sweet. Then an hour Skype video call from Krys. Last night I had sent an email including how from my perspective he avoided committed … Continue reading

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Breaking Up Pain Described Perfectly

Infographics & comics rarely come close when describing emotional realms, IMO. Yet Cherlyn Chong got it pretty close, perhaps perfectly on the pain side.. I’m still in pain, so I can’t relate to the healing side of her work just … Continue reading

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I’m Not Throwing You Away

I’m not throwing you away I’m letting go To take care of me

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Letting Go, Finally

Three nights ago, I gave in to my physical desires, I only desire sex with someone I love and the thought of a Craigslist hook-up just repels me, so I messaged Writer to ask if he would hook up with … Continue reading

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Too Little, Too Late (Or is it?)

The following being said, I add the disclaimer that it is NEVER too late to make amends, offer real apologies, and take actions to mitigate the pain and suffering one has caused another. I’m angry, nay, I’m pissed! How can … Continue reading

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Should I Just Chuck It All and Walk Away… I Don’t want to

Today was a good day and a bad day. I had invited Writer to go for a walk in the woods with me. The leaves are past their peak colors, but still very beautiful. I knew they were beautiful in … Continue reading

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Was it foreshadowing?

A  post wrote not long ago, but before I discovered the  horrible truth about my man,  revealed how much I hurt when my mother asked me if I could forgive her sex offender husband so she could stay with him. … Continue reading

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